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Camella Verra is located at Bignay, Valenzuela City, Bulacan.

As earlier put, Camella Verra is in Barangay Bignay within the larger Valenzuela City in Bulacan Province. This is an area voted as one of the safest to live in among the cities and regions in southern Asia. Having a property for investment here or better still living with your family gives you the benefit of a natural environment free from the hustles and bustles of city life. On the western front of this development is the North Luzon Expressway which a 4 to 8 lane highway that acts as a connection between the provinces of Central Luzon and Metro Manila. In addition to that, there is some major roads including Paso de Blas Road to the south and Bignay Liano Road to the east. All these roads make the development extremely accessible. 

The proximity you will enjoy to some of the region’s prestigious schools established in Valenzuela City is amazing. Some of the best schools and colleges here include the Divine Mercy Academy, Valenzuela Polytechnic College, Lawang Bato Elementary School that is just 1.43 km from here, Deparo High School located 1.87 km from here, Valenzuela National High School just 1.38 km, and Our Lady of Fatima University among others. 

Coming to the medical facilities, there are credible institutions that will take care of both your emergency and elaborate medical needs with high quality of service. Among the medical institutions are Fatima University Medical Clinic, San Lorenzo Clinic, Valenzuela Hospital, St. Blaise Clinic, and Galalang General Hospital. 

That is not all because Camella Verra is surrounded by good shopping and entertainment centers. Being close to the city, you would not expect anything less than the best and the finest. Among the key shopping centers and malls include South Supermarket, SM Center Valenzuela, SM Savemore, SM Talipapa, Puregold Paso de Blas among many others. 

As they always say, the city never sleeps and that applies to Camella Verra too. You will get people moving to town and back at all times and this helps to make the area vibrant and safe as well. 

Malls :

  • Lawang Bato Market - 1.87 km
  • Commercial and Residential Units - 1.94 km

Schools :

  • Bignay Elementary School - 0.85 km
  • Valenzuela National High School - 1.38 km
  • Lawang Bato Elementary School - 1.43 km
  • Iba Elementary School - 1.74 km
  • Deparo High School - 1.87 km
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